Lubrikem ltd represents some European, Indian and Asian manufacturers of high quality specialty chemicals (Surfactants, Lubricant Additives, Fertilisers) for Coating industry, Lubricant industry and Agrochemical industry.  Lubrikem aimed the market in some the Middle East and CIS countries. Accordingly, Lubrikem helps customers create high quality products and strengthen their brands.

Librikem is a part of Sayadizadeh group of companies operating in the UK ( The Sayadizadeh Group is a multinational industrial enterprise, consisting of a diversified collection of independent companies.  The group involved in a broad range of sectors and industries including oil, lubricants, manufacturing, food production, the automotive industry, and construction. The group core products are oil, lubricants and Agrochemicals but as we grow in other sectors, our expertise and experience continue to expand into new segments.